Do People still Use FTP to distribute Porn

Are you tired of trying to find your favorite porn on xhamster, only to realize that everything is clipped and shortened? In recent times, tube sites have started to rely on posting shorter videos to advertise for longer ones on subscription sites. Ever since advertising revenue on the Internet has gone down, this is how they make their money. Although shorter videos can be used creatively, as is the case with porn compilations, users generally aren’t finding what they’re looking for unless they pay money out of pocket. Even then, the user usually only has access to specific niches and fetishes. Some people are persistent and will do just about anything in their quest for free porn.

As such, some of the savvier users have taken to looking for alternatives. Of course, there are some of the less savory sites, but these get hit with DMCA takedown notices constantly.

Other users have taken to using usenet and others have turned to even more dastardly means that can get them into trouble.

However, there is one technique that is a little more off the beaten path: Using open FTP servers. There is a network of seedy underground FTPs that offer everything, from games to movies, to porn. While it is just as illicit as some of the more well-known methods of finding full porn, the niche for this is so small and so out of the way that media companies have not even looked at shutting these types of things down.

While the biggest file sharing sites in the world sometimes go down for because of a concerted effort from this gigantic gaming, porn, movie, and music corporations, these tiny FTPs keep chugging along, supplying content to people in the know.

Of course, this content can also be dangerous. FTP servers have no form of security authentication or way to confirm what they’re providing isn’t some horrible malware that will cause your computer to melt. Downloading from questionable sites is one of the primary ways that someone’s PC can get infected. You could lose all your files or have to bring your system in for a costly repair.

As such, it is highly recommended you do not use these types of open FTP server. Instead, do the smart thing and buy the content. It will probably end up saving you a whole bunch of money in the long run.