3 Ideas You Should Know Before Starting Explainer Videos Creation Process

In the current era, reading is no longer a darling for many online visitors. Short and straightforward is now the rule of the online marketing game. For you to make it, you need to come up with a strategy that will communicate huge and detailed information about your products within a short period. Due to this, explainer videos are becoming a crucial tool for webpreneurs and online marketers. 

However, explainers are not any other videos. They are your indirect selling strategy. Thus, it is important to craft them in a way they will not only achieve your informing goal but also lead to brand loyalty and trust enhancement.  But before you kick off the explainer video creation process, here are some ideas that will give you the best results.

Short is always the best

One error online entrepreneur make is to use explainers as their marketing tool. Instead of concentration on its purpose – to inform – they use it to tell it all about their company. Some even analyze the financial performance of their company for the last decades of operations. Well, you are not targeting investors. Also, this is not an annual general meeting replays. As you create your explainer videos, it is always essential to consider time.

Customers do not have two hours or so to watch a monotonous video to decide. As such, always ensure that your videos are short. Also, research shows that a video between 30 seconds and 90 seconds are the best lengths for this type of videos. Remember, you are not explaining a scientific concept. You only need to offer some information that will influence purchase decisions. Thus, short is always the best.

Know the purpose of the videos

Right, explainer videos are not your marketing films or recordings. The primary goal is to inform about the value a customer can earn from what you are offering. In this essence, do not start talking about prices, affordability, or the reasons why you are the best in the market. In which contest did you attend to confirm your claim.But always try to make the difference from your competitors, the style of your videos depends on what kind of message you are trying to deliver, and who you are trying to reach, to understand better this concept go to www.squareship.com

Remember your view might be the same as your customers or prospects. Thus, let your explainers focus on giving the customers a reason to buy from you but not you propose to them. As such, always ensure that your explainer videos stick to their informing purpose. Give all necessary information that you believe a customer will need to decide on your products fate. Also, let them say you are the best and not the opposite.

Be creative

Creativity is key to any online marketing approach. Customers love something new. As you know, the modern market is full of information about your products. Unless you are selling products from Mars, it is certain that what you offer is similar to your competitors. Same ingredients, same size, and different packaging color. As such, using the same process of creating your explainer videos as they use will not have a new impact on the target customer.

In fact, they will view you as a counterfeit of the original brand. For this reason, creativity is essential if you have to achieve the best. Always come up with new ideas and styles that will make your videos to go viral.   Remember, being creative will lead to uniqueness. So even though your products are similar to your competitors, you will be a step ahead of them for the uniqueness element.

  Final verdict

As you can see, explainer videos are the wheel that online marketing rolls on. In this essence, you must ensure they have the power to capture your customer’s attention and give the needed results. Here you need to ensure they are short, creative, and stick to their purpose.